Thursday, July 31, 2008

Mayoral talk over lunch?

Spotted having lunch today at Mimosa: City Council member Anthony Foxx (right), a Democrat, and former City Council member Patrick Mumford (left), a Republican.

Maybe they lunch together often and it's no big deal. Who knows? But I stopped to greet them and when I asked what they were talking about (hey, I'm a journalist and it's my job to be nosy) they just smiled and didn't answer.

The common denominator for Foxx and Mumford -- other than their council experience -- is that both have been the subject of speculation about mayoral ambitions. Charlotte's current mayor is running for governor. The next mayoral election isn't until 2009. If Pat McCrory moves to the Governor's Mansion in Raleigh, who succeeds him?

I'm not an expert at this moment in how a mayor gets chosen if one leaves office, but I'm pretty sure that if a Republican leaves, a Republican must be appointed. If recent council history is a guide, council members would rather appoint someone who doesn't plan to run for the office. That's how Greg Phipps got appointed to the council in 2005 after Malcolm Graham was elected to the state Senate.

Mumford left the council in 2007, saying he wanted time with his family. Might he be a candidate to be appointed mayor if McCrory wins the governorship?

Foxx, of course, is considered likely to run for mayor regardless of whether is opponent is McCrory, or any other Republican.

Mumford, by the way, had a pizza and Foxx had a bowl of chili. Bon appetit!


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I can't recall if either one or both of these men is a staunch supporter of giving my tax dollars to the uptown developers' crowd, or whether if elected mayor they'd support the plain ordinary people of Charlotte over the special interests.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

^ You felt the need to make the same disgusting "talk dirty" joke in TWO different threads?

That's somewhere between creepy and gross. I bet you're really popular with the ladies.

Anonymous said...

Pathetic bloggers in Charlotte. Must be a Red State thing.

Anonymous said...

I think either Mumford or Foxx would make a great mayor. Both are bright, energetic and keep in touch with constituents.

When my 'hood was fighting a losing battle against a rezoning petition, Mumford was the only councilperson to take the time to explain his vote. He noted that both the Planning Department and Zoning Committee had recommended it be denied, and pointed out that overuling those boards would set a dangerous precedent. We need more elected officials like him who can stick to a plan.

The other councilpersons voted for the development, yet none would explain then or afterward to protestors just why they chose to ignore their own profesional staff and an appointed advisory board and set that precedent.

When I had concerns about public safety issues in light of recent crime statistics, Foxx was the only councilperson to patiently and promptly get back to me with answers. (Mumford was no longer on council at the time).

So, if an opportunity does arise for the mayorship to be filled, Charlotte would be well-served by either man. But assuming McCrory becomes governor, wouldn't the remaining year of his mayoral term be filled by the GOP, giving an advantage to a Republican?

Rick said...

Last anon,

That's the reason for picking Mumford. He won't run for re-election if he's picked. Remember, he previously left office saying he needed more family time.

Picking Mumford to fill the remainder of McCrory's term acquiesces to the Democrats' demand for a patsy in office without causing and unseemly public stir.

Small town Charlotte politics at its best.

Anonymous said...

I will fund a war chest for anyone who runs against Mumford or Foxx