Saturday, September 13, 2008

New future for Eastland Mall? (Part 2)

A reader e-mails to point to a redevelopment in the old Sears Building on Lake Street in Minneapolis. She opines: "The Art Deco Sears building is much more attractive, of course, than Eastland, but the idea is the same as what you’re talking about."

And it's a few miles from downtown, not out in the suburban neighborhoods such as Carowinds, and a bit closer in than Eastland.

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Anonymous said...

It's been my impression that the Sears currently in Eastland wants to stay because they are actually doing good business, not to mention being the only Sears in Charlotte proper. Would any Eastland redevelopment keep them integrated within it? I say keep the Sears (or build a nes building for them), keep the skating rink, demolish and rebuild the area around it as an open air area (similar to Cotswald) and get a supermarket back there. I agree with an earlier poster, Windsor Park, and Sheffield, etc. are going to be the next Plaza-Midwoods before you know it. This area will bounce back.

eye_dee_ten_tea said...

Where's William Tecumseh Sherman when you need him?

Anonymous said...

As a Eastland neighbor, I don't like the idea of having the baseball stadium (an idea mentioned in some of the comments)in my backyard. It makes sense to have the stadium uptown because it makes good use of infrastructure developments like the light rail and existing highways. Centrally located facilities uptown means that no one has to drive all the way across town. The center city location of these inprovements is what is driving redevelopment surrounding trickles back from uptown toward the suburbs.

New Homes in the Carolinas said...

I think it will bounce back to, as long as the crime stays in the University area or gets pushed out even further.

Michael Smith said...

Don't worry, it won't be a baseball stadium because theres no shady deal, oops I mean "complicated land swap" to hide behind.

Cato said...

After the Observer cranks up the propaganda machine for the freeway cap, McClatchey will likely want to unload the paper's current site - the land's already valuable, the company has too much debt, and the cap would shoot the value even higher.

A refurbished, internationalized Eastland Mall would be an ideal site for new offices.


Anonymous said...

Mary that old Sears bldg in Minneapolis is at 10 and E. Lake. That's a good three miles from the center of downtown -separated from it by a number of factors including residiential and industrial neighborhoods a freeway etc., and about a 15 minute drive.

There's no center city synergies at work there: a person shopping in downtown Mpls is in another world from E. Lake St.

In other words, it is not all that different from Eastland.

Mary Newsom said...

Thanks for the correction/clarification about the Minneapolis Sears. My two ex-Minneapolian advisers told me it was "about a mile" from downtown. I'll edit the text to clarify.

Fred Omring said...

I've got an idea! How 'bout we tear Eastland down and build an ICE detention facility in its place. The COPS could just drive up and down Central Ave in a van picking people up, and then drop 'em all off at Eastland at the end of each run.

Anonymous said...

Sloan wondered under Mary’s earlier Eastland topic why everything in Charlotte has to be located in uptown Charlotte, rather than spreading the fun throughout the entire city.

I’m pretty sure it’s due to the uptown Chamber of Commerce and Center City Partners run amuck.

Take this morning’s news that BOA is considering buying Merrill Lynch. Does anyone really think BOA thought that up all on their lonesome? Or did the COC and CCP do a little leaning? Next thing we’ll read is that Wachovia will buy Lehman.

Yep, it’s just another part of the great uptown plot to move everything to center city. Because lawsuits have slowed the move of Knights Stadium from Fort Mill to Charlotte, the uptown crowd has decided to look for bigger prey to move uptown. Look out, Wall Street. My bet is that that exchange will be soon known as Tryon Street.

So maybe now they’ll let the stadium be built at Eastland to boost that part of town?

matt c said...

^ I think you give Center City Partners and the Chamber of Commerce a bit too much credit.

BofA does not make $50 billion stock purchases on the nudging of CCP.

Now the federal government on the other hand might be nudging BofA...

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