Monday, March 09, 2009

Chamber stays home. What should they see?

As I wrote in the Saturday Observer, the Charlotte Chamber isn't going on an inter-city visit this year, opting to stay home and study what's here. I gave some suggestions for what they should do and see, such as have a locavore dinner and hear from artists and people with lots of piercings.

But what would you recommend they see? (And for the purposes of this blogposting, let's all assume those who wish to have already visited whatever topless bars they care to.) If you want to vote on the Chamber's online poll, here's a link.

Chatting with Chamber president Bob Morgan, I asked if he, too had observed more people uptown dressing more formally? Just in the past several months, it seems, I've seen more guys in suits and ties and fewer in khakis and knit shirts or jeans and sport shirts. Morgan said he'd noticed the same thing. We speculated people afraid of being laid off are dressing up more, and those already laid off are trying to look professional as they look for new work.

Then, he noted something else. In conversations he's hearing, he said, "It's no longer about work-life balance. It's now about 'work ethic.' "

Not unexpected, of course. When times get tough, companies want workers who'll put in long hours, not whine about pay/benefits and not have to deal with those pesky "family" problems such as sick kids or ailing parents.


Anonymous said...

Mary, maybe all the casually dressed people have already been laid off, leaving at work just those in suits, ties, skirts, and dresses.

Anonymous said...

The decision to stay and study what current exists in Charlotte is the right decision. There are very few cities right now that are up to the scrutiny. Additionally, now is the time for the Chamber to focus on its current situation and look at opportunities that will make Charlotte an even brighter gem as the national economic issues start to be resolved. The 5 choices that I think would be worthwhile are: 1)The Energy Sector & Charlotte as Clean Tech Capital of the U.S.; 2) Transportation Today and in the Future; 3)Open Space/Quality of Life/Carolina Thread Trail; 4)North Carolina and the Economic Stimulus Package; 5)Higher Education as an Economic Driver. These choices touch almost every sector of the greater Charlotte community by improving the quality of life, creating long-term jobs, respecting the environment, and stimulating regional economic growth for decades to come.

Anonymous said...

They should visit the Observer's offices to say goodbye.

MNI stock @ 46 cents!

Dan said...

Since most of Charlotte's who's who live south of 277. I think they should go North of 277 just to see what it is like up there.

Maybe a Sporting event at UNCC, or Supper at NoDa or go to Ikea, or vist the soon to be empty Wachovia Call Center. Or See the new Housing stock at North Lake Mall Area, or Visit Hidden Valley or Belmont. Or the new Growth at Mountian Island Lake or the Walk the Norther Greenways or Try using the CATS to get from UNCC to South Park Mall.

Just think it would be visting a city they have never been to.

Cato said...

Ma Caulkins is probably going to be taking you to the woodshed. You don't set the Chamber's agenda; it sets yours.

Anonymous said...

About Bob Morgan's "work ethic" observation.. Sounds to me like it is inferred that work/life balance and work eithic are mutually exclusive. To companies that want workers that devote themselves wholly and only to the company, forsaking all other interests including family - all I have to say is "God don't like ugly." Remember that Cicuit City once laid off most of their sales force for no other reason than to reduce costs by replacing them with rookies. And now that chain no longer exists. Just because you want to see your family in the evening instead of working 14 hours a day doesn't mean you don't have any work ethic.

Anonymous said...
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