Friday, September 04, 2009

Coming Tuesday ...

Much good stuff to write this week, but I was buried with Charlotte City Council endorsement research and writing. I'll dive back into blogging after Labor Day. 'Til then have a good holiday, everyone.


Rick said...

The City Council is scheduled to discuss overriding the Mayor's Veto of the $4.5 million streetcar funding this coming Tuesday night at 7:30pm at the Govt Center.

Show up and voice your displeasure with any irresponsible override of this sound fiscal decision.

September 8th Council Agenda

rick b said...

Citizens, make sure you show up on Tuesday to support your city council in overriding this irresponsible and politically-motivated veto.

Now is not the time to send Charlotte's urban transportation system even further back into the stone age.

Anonymous said...

A big waste of taxpayer money. This is a depression we cannot afford to pay for this.

Anonymous said...
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Rick said...

danimal...assuming that last anon was you judging by the namecalling ...What fun would moving be?

The Louisville government is a well run machine compared to Charlotte's. There's very little work to do in bringing responsible leadership to the community.

They have two complete loops around the city, to Charlotte's zero.

Its sense of community is exponentially greater as there are old buildings throughout the city, a university that people actially support (basketball coaching scandals asside), and then there's the Kentucky Derby - an event that gets global attention on an annual basis.

It's funny you call them hicksville though. However, I'll stay here I think, if for no other reason than to antagonize you.

Have a good holiday.

Anonymous said...

Antagonize all you want teabag rick. When healthcare and the streetcar get passed and another 7-4 city council is elected with Foxx as mayor, I'll be laughing my a__ off watching you squirm.

Rick said...

Oh, I have no doubt you're right...both will likely pass.

My guess it'll be some version of health care reform without a public option and locally we'll get a streetcar study without money to actually build the thing.

Neither one makes me squirm though. The first will be a victory of rationality over extremism, the second a giant target.

Anonymous said...

Richman, shouldn't you still be stalking John Edwards?

consultant said...

You too.

Anonymous said...

We can get health care, but it doesn't matter because this country is broke. We are going to have to face this truth sooner or later. And I'm afraid it's going to be much sooner than people realize.

Anonymous said...

I don't understand all this hand-wringing over health insurance.

The Chinese and Europeans have a big investment in this country. They get paid only if we're healthy and productive, which allows America to stay healthy and productive.

Once they see how the far right is sickening this nation, maybe they'll come to our rescue and tuck us under their national healthcare program.

Rick said...

So, things were getting pretty interesting down at the City Council this evening....It will be interesting to hear Mary's take on this as well as Mr Harrison's. Will the intrepid reporters tell the story, or will they ignore it because it didn't end the way they wanted?

First, the vote to override the Mayor's veto of streetcar funding was going to be deferred because one of the Dems was MIA, and they needed all of them to do the override.

Warren Turner had to work late at his parole officer duties, and due to the Tuesday night meeting rather than the standard Monday meeting he couldn't be there.

Before deferring, everyone had to get in their two cents. That took a while, and then suddenly Mr Turner showed up. The Dems got all situated to ram through the vote. Then Mr Turner spoke.

Mr Turner spoke very sincerely.

People are concerned about spending millions with no plan on funding the actual building of the line. People are having to make sacrifices and adjust priorities due to the economic downturn but government won't. People think this should be delayed.

Mr Turner showed exteme political courage in standing up to members of his own party tonight and asking the hard questions. For that, he should be thanked.

In the end, the vote was deferred but not because Mr Turner was missing. It was deferred because he was there.

Mr Turner,

Thank you for doing your job tonight.

rick b said...

Mr. Turner, please do your to override this ridiculous, politically-motivated veto.

Please don't kill your city's chance to bring its transportation system into the 21st century. Please don't show yourself to be the next elected official to cave in to the inane rants of a few whining teabaggers.