Monday, November 23, 2009

Mayor Pat's last council meeting

We're in the middle of the Citizens Forum part of tonight's City Council meeting - when anyone can address the council. As the dinner meeting was breaking up about 6:45, Mayor Pat McCrory asked whether Martin Davis would be appearing.

Davis, who ran unsuccessfully for mayor in the Republican primary, has a habit of appearing and trashing McCrory for being socialist, for his support of transit.

Told that Davis wasn't on the schedule tonight, McCrory, knowing this is his last business meeting as mayor, quipped that he might have finally told Davis what he thought of him.

But later he was clearly moved to tears when a group from the Greenville Community Historical thought Association [Greenville the neighborhood, not the cities in North or South Carolina] came to the lectern to present him with a plaque and certificate. As longtime neighborhood advocates and civic activists Thereasea Elder and Maxine Eaves spoke, McCrory's face was somber and he had to wipe his eyes.

7:29 PM - McCrory again mentions his regret that Martin Davis isn't here, and then several other old favorite council speakers, (Ballerina Man, Ben3, etc.) most notably, he said, "Helicopter Guy." That would be the famed "Rogue Helicopter"clip on YouTube. If you haven't seen it, have a look.


Anonymous said...

I guess you mean, "what he thought of him"


Mary Newsom said...

Good catch. Thanks. I fixed.

To answer your question, no, there are no proof readers for blogs. I read behind myself, but obviously, I miss stuff, especially when I'm also trying to pay attention to the meeting, take notes, and blog/Twitter simultaneously.

Anonymous said...

I make a move to name the new outerbelt or maybe the arena after Mayor McCrory ; Yes how about the McCrory arena or the I-485 outerbelt the McCrory outerbelt.

Anonymous said...

McCrory had a tough job becuase the city manager holds the purse strings and the Mayor ges the pies in the face.I have the AFSCME Union coming into the CMPD police and I would like the city, county and school teachers to join as well as Sheriffs and the entire State. City council in Columbus, Ohio make about $62,000 thousand a year or better . The Mayor of Columbus makes $110,000 a year and the buck stops in his office.

Anonymous said...

The city coucil and Mayor should not be part time here in Charlotte and this is why the city suffers ,its all part time. Mary this city is to big for that now . This city has to grow up now and become what it was meant to be a real thriving metropolis.

Anonymous said...

Charlotte needs full time People and not someone who runs another business or works their ass off and then later show up for an eight hour meeting. This city needs someone a the helm. mary this city os going backwards and has to grow forward or we will see it's demise.
Jimmy Lee

Anonymous said...

i raise my glass to Mc Crory and hip hip hooray Hipp hipp hooray for Mayor McCrory. I admire People who work for almost free . I do this myself with the new casino at the catawba Indian reservation and the new Hyundai plant in Chester, SC. I read a Proverb from the Bible " Consider the ant who works with no overseer......

Anonymous said...

What, no revelation of hacked emails that reveal the true hand of local developers operating the puppet strings of local government?

Mary Newsom said...

Puppet-string revelations come tomorrow. Be sure to keep reading ...

consultant said...

At the end of an 8 year run in the 90's as Mayor of Kansas City, Mo., Emmanuel Cleaver said, "If you were Mayor during the Clinton Administration and you couldn't get things done for your city, you were stupid."

McCrory had a good run; got some things done.

Mary's post sounds almost like a eulogy. Not so much for the departing Mayor, but for a departing era when Americans could "get things done".

We don't seem to be able to do that anymore.

I continue to be struck by the simple fact that 8 years elapsed between the time Kennedy said we'll send a man to the moon and return him safely to Earth. 8 years! No one had EVER done that before.

8 years after 9/11, we have a giant hole in the ground in NYC with construction cranes here and there.

We're only trying to build buildings and 8 years later we can't even get those up and out of the ground.

No wonder we haven't returned to the moon.

As a nation, have we lost our "ability" or "desire" to aspire to greatness?

Is Sarah Palin our new standard of accomplishment?

Anonymous said...

Consultant, could you imagine the lawsuits today if we were just starting space travel?
Do you think there would be an environmental impact studt on travelling to the moon and landing no it?

consultant said...

Anon: 4:56pm.


I think we have two gigantic problems that have settled into the bones of our culture-like cancer.

1)we are no longer a serious nation
2)we just want to get something for nothing

Over the last 40 years or so we emphasized a fake culture over what is real. A fake k-12 school system rather than a real one where education takes place. Borrowing and spending over savings, mass use of Microsoft products and PCs rather than Macs (never made any sense), etc.

Here's a little nugget. Why are television station and newspaper websites the absolute worst websites on the planet? You would think as users of technology and conveyors of information, they would have the best, most ingenious websites out here. But no. Hasn't happened.

We've also become a gambler's paradise. Places (like the entire South) that would have once thrown you in jail for gambling, now vie for gambling establishments as a way to provide jobs and capital for the state. The entire Wall St. banking enterprise has become one big gambling Ponzi scheme. American free enterprise at the highest levels has become addicted to making the fast buck. Why innovate, that costs money. Let's just move the plants overseas, reduce jobs here and get higher profits for our investors.

We have become a slothful nation that has eaten its corn seed and now we're borrowing corn seed from other nations and eating that too.

We're in bad shape and we probably won't change until we have to. Which is bad, because by then, things will be pretty bad.

We could try to start to turn the corner by solving real problems. But would you rather solve a hard problem or just pray on it? That's what our esteemed Gov. asked Georgians to do at the height of the drought. Just pray for rain.

And no, Gov. Perdue didn't accept responsibility for destroying almost 20,000 homes during the historic floods 2 months ago.

Anonymous said...

One less elected homophobe in Charlotte, many more to go.

Anonymous said...

Get ready for higher taxes!

consultant said...

People get outraged over "higher taxes".

Why don't people get "outraged" over the new fees imposed by the airlines on EVERY thing related to flying?

You see the reporters asking flyers about the added fees, and people just shrug and say something like, "it stinks. But what can you do?"

Where's the outrage?

What about the tea baggers? They've gone absolutely ballistic over health care reform. But what about the bailout of the banks? After they camped out in DC, why didn't they take their road show on to Wall St. to protest the outright theft going on there?