Thursday, May 20, 2010

Cap'n James Jack meets Tweet-world

Today's big civic event, the unveiling of the statue of Colonial-era Capt. James Jack, as covered with Twitter. (For a stunning photo by the Observer's Todd Sumlin, go to this slideshow and look for No. 19.)

Note to those unfamiliar with Twitter. People go by nicknames. On Twitter, I'm marynewsom, and my Tweets all begin with marynewsom. If you want to reply to someone else's Tweet, you address it to them by using their Twitter name with @ in front.

Users can sort for a specific topic using codes that start with # and an agreed-upon moniker. Today's was #mecdec.

WCooksey [City Council member Warren Cooksey, a Twitter champ among local pols] Less than 3 hours 'til the unveiling of "The Spirit of Mecklenburg" to honor May 20th & #MecDec. 1130 4th & Kings. Hope to see you there.

Greenmarketguy [Ted Boyd of Charlotte] Lots of folks here to see Capt Jack statue unveil.

CBJspanberg [Erik Spanberg of the Charlotte Business Journal] Meck Dec about to begin. Pols past, present everywhere: [Ex-Mayor Pat] McCrory, PHelms [ex-county commissioner Parks Helms], etc. James Jack statue unveiling to come. Plus funny hats.

marynewsom Ex-judge and history buff Chase Saunders (key to statue's existence) raves bout Cokie Robt's speech on role of women.

WCooksey Great crowd here at 4th & Kings for Capt. Jack statue unveiling. If you follow me, I've given you a sneak peek. [Wednesday night, from an event for donors, he posted this photo: ]

marynewsom Multiple bigwigs — & big hats on Colonial ladies — #meckdec day unveiling of James Jack statue. Speeches starting.

Greenmarketguy Mayor Foxx just arrived for #mecdec. Lot of elected officials.

CBJspanberg Other notables here: CCCP's Michael Smith; council WCooksey, PKinsey [council member Patsy Kinsey], Bobbie Shields from county, CPCC's Tony Zeiss and more.

CBJspanberg Mayor Foxx, county commish chair Jennifer Roberts on stage with ABC/NPR political analyst Cokie Roberts.

marynewsom Ooh. James Jack descendant sitting right in front o me. Great hat/great ponytail. I think he looks Texan. [I learn later he's Brandon Jack, from McIntosh, Fla. Read on, there's a photo of him.]

CBJspanberg Official event program promises Budd Berro's message from "Governor Beth Perdue." Yes, really.

CBJspanberg Mayor Foxx calls it one of the "red letter days" for Charlotte. "This statue will represent the very best of our community."

marynewsom Olympic Hi student wins essay contest. Huzzah CMS. Taylor Claflin. She's related to Victoria Woodhull,1st woman to run for prez.

CBJspanberg Olympic High student reading essay on Victoria Woodhull, famed political pioneer in 19th Century. Student is teaching pols.

marynewsom Great feminist speech, Taylor Claflin! Let stodgies in audience squirm.

marynewsom Sunburning as we listen to Jen Robts [county commissioners' chair Jennifer Roberts]. Colonial folk in large hats now looking extremely wise.

WCooksey Cokie Roberts rightly notes greatness of USA is foundation on ideas, not ethnicity, geography, or other trad. bases of nationhood.

CBJspanberg Cokie Roberts: "This country is blessed because we are not haunted by our history." Glue of America is its ideas.

Greenmarketguy The Kabuki drop for the statue about to happen!

CBJspanberg Sculptor Chas Fagan says Capt. Jack is "leaving his mark" at 4th and Kings. And now statue is revealed to applause.

WCooksey Here 'tis! Huzzah!

marynewsom Statue now on view. Crowd awash in cameras. Now guy in tricorn us reading the #mecdec

itybtyctykty @WCooksey Hey, that's pretty nice looking! Giving this statue a silly nickname may pose a challenge.

marynewsom Cap'n Jack rides off to Philly. Via 4th St.

marynewsom Crowd leaps in shock as muskets, cannons fire. I hope Capn Jack's horse is far away.

minifail The descendants of Captain Jack get a ribbon #mecdec [This shows Brandon Jack of McIntosh, who sported an awesome ponytail, great hat and boots.]

WCooksey Here's a closer view of "The Spirit of Mecklenburg." Hope it's in focus.

CBJgreennews [Susan Stabley of the Charlotte Business Journal] "Today, Charlotte is getting something that it sorely needs more of -- a statue of a guy on a horse."
[Quote and link are courtesy a blog by Jeremy Markovich of WCNC-TV. Excerpt: "For those of you who need exciting imagery, think Cavalia with fewer tricks and more tri-corner hats."]


consultant said...

There's so much irony in the BP/Haliburton Gulf Oil catastrophe.

*All the people who want less govt. are now accusing the Obama Administration of not doing enough.

*The same people who've invested ALL their faith in the superior performance of free markets are watching as a unregulated giant displays massive arrogance, contempt and willful ignorance.

*The Gulf states are going to take a savage hit from this disaster. Yet this area and its political representatives have done much to do away with meaningful regulation of the oil & gas industry.

*Just as we've entered the plateau of Peak Oil, fate has dealt us this. With demand now exceeding production, here we have oil flowing freely into the Gulf that will never be recovered.

Probably just as well. I mean, do we really need to drive to the store twice a day? How many NASCAR races are needed to know those cars go really fast?

Jumper said...

If I can quit Facebook, you can quit Twitter.

Mary Newsom said...

Jumper: I like Twitter. Maybe more than Facebook.

Consultant: Did you post your comment on the wrong blog?

Propositor said...

Currently, we have no alternative for airliners other than fossil fuels. I think it would behoove us to start thinking about saving the petroleum that is left for plastics and jet fuel considering alternatives are not foreseeably available. There are plenty of available alternatives to gas powered terrestrial vehicles which are by far the biggest consumers of petroleum. Management of scarce resources is a must.

Propositor said...

I apologize for perpetuating the off-topic in my previous post.

Captain Jack was the first Charlotte Hornet! Surprised he only now gets a statue. I guess you needed to be in a nursery rhyme to get a statue in the past.

consultant said...

"Consultant: Did you post your comment on the wrong blog?"

No, no, right blog.

Mary, you're part of a small group of mainstream journalists who are actually still practicing journalism. Even while the corporate structure around your profession has boxed itself into a unsustainable business/journalism model.

4 years before the housing collapse (2007), writers were contacting newspapers and magazines around the country, providing rants along with detailed descriptions of what was happening in housing. The mainstream media mostly ignored all of this. So the writers created their own blogs to detail the abuses occurring in the housing fiasco. Many of them specialized and focused on one topic. Some were broader (HuffPost), and the next thing you know a whole movement of blogs were born that encroached on territory once held by mainstream media.

On housing and many other issues, mainstream media lost first, its credibility and then second, its usefulness. It's purpose.

No, this is the right blog. I'd just like to see this and other blogs right inside the Observor. I'd like to see the publisher give you and other reporters the freedom to roam and report and connect with the community on a level that our time demands.

Technology and blogs aside, consolidation was one of the worst things to happen to newspapers and our communities.

consultant said...

"This is the bitter reality of the American present, a period in which big business has cemented an unholy alliance with big government against the interests of ordinary Americans, who, of course, are the great majority of Americans. The great majority of Americans no longer matter." Bob Herbert, NYT