Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Guerrilla tree planters, here's a project for you

(See note at end about where to find this blog after Friday.)

Today was a sunny morning, unseasonably cool for mid-June, and so I took my last 4-mile walk to my job at the Observer (Friday is my last day after 17 years on the editorial board). Only had one vehicle nearly hit me – a white SUV at Morehead and Kenilworth. At least I made him squeal his brakes.

I've chronicled some of my pedestrian adventures in my weekly op-ed columns, such as ("The foot challenge for Sun Belt cities" and "City walkability goal hits an icy patch" and "Walk this way. If you can."

This morning, I thought – not for the first time – about the possibility of a little guerrilla,  tree-planting campaign. I tend to think of this as I walk up South Tryon from Morehead Street to the Observer building at Stonewall Street.  The N.C.-owned right-of-way alongside the I-277 bridge, where those odd witch-hat/Klan-hood sculptures sit, is bare grass. It's a bleak trek across that bridge, let me tell you, and once you get past it, you sure could use some shade. What you get, though, is grass. And some "art."  (To be fair, the sculptures do offer a bit of shade at the right time of day.) But what about it? Someone want to sneak onto some of our fair city's spots-that-need-shade-trees and just plant some trees? Come December, if you see someone out there with a shovel and some oak or maple saplings, it might just be me.    
After June 17, if you want to read The Naked City blog, don't look for this URL (marynewsom.blogspot.com) because it will be disabled when I leave the Observer.  Instead, seek out nakedcityblog.blogspot.com. Right now it's in the process of being designed (using the word "design" quite loosely). That's where you'll find me after my last day at The Charlotte Observer. 


tarhoosier said...

Fare thee well, Mary. I will find you. Keep up your efforts.


consultant said...


Good luck and write on.

consultant said...


Good luck and write on.

EuroCat said...

Checked out the (still blank) blog...signed up to follow it...saved to favorires!

Can't wait to start seeing some new content. I still hope you'll be able to carry over some archived content, too.

Good luck, Mary...and thanks!


smedette said...

Good luck!

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