Monday, June 23, 2008

Back in the Naked City

Rolled into town at dusk, after two days on the highway from The People's Republic of Cambridge. Was it a good year? One of the best in my life. I'll miss a lot about Cambridge and the Boston area -- but more about that later.

I'll be back at work at week's end, though likely digging through stacks of old mail, and then -- way to make someone feel glad about being back at work after 10 months! -- I get to go to computer classes next week because the Observer has a new pagination-editing system and I'm expected to understand how to use it. Go figure!

So watch this space, but don't get too worried if my postings are catch-as-catch-can.

Until then, what have I missed?

I've been reading, of course, and talking to friends and work colleagues. I know the light rail has been carrying scads of people and the park and ride lots are jammed. I know about those water mains, and that Mayor Pat's running for the Governor's Mansion in Raleigh.

But what's the REAL NEWS? Help me get up to speed, friends.


Anonymous said...

The real news is that the Charlotte Observer and are continuing their slide into total irrelevancy. Hope you didn't come back here expecting your job to be around for a long time.

Danimal said...

Welcome home. I'm sure you'll feel lots of urban withdrawl moving back to Charlotte from Boston. I know I did. At least the winters are better down here.

As you know, the transit tax repeal sunk like a rock last November, and the light rail became more popular than anyone ever imagined. Even on Tuesday night at 10:00, there's a good crowd on there. Who knew?

Yuppies and uptown boosters are crying foul and trying to micromanage how things go in the Center City. Coyote Ugly caused a ruckus wanting to move two blocks down the road, while Hooters is opening in the old Graduate sopt on Trade. i guess those don't fit the 'image' some envision.

Meanwhile, the Coffee Cup owners left their spot on Mint St. and opened in two new spots, cameron Brown and UNCC. The Cameron Brown spot shut down within a couple months. The UNCC location moves along. meanwhile, the local "hysterical commission" is worshiping that hulk of a building as if it's some sacred cow. darn thing just sits out there surrounded by clear land. Common sense again takes a back seat to a bunch of goons clinging to the past. Heck, the only significnt part of that building, the sign, was stolen. Location of that...unknown.

Finally, the same batch of naysaying, anti-city rubes continue to post on this blog and others obviously rooting for the paper to fail (though they seem to keep readint it).

Again, welcome home. Just remember, Charlotte ain't no Cambridge. A Framingham or Braintree maybe, but definitely not a Cambridge.

Anonymous said...

Mary, welcome back. You made it just in time to clean out your desk. Accept the buyout offer because the next round of McClatchy cost cutting will likely involve involuntary layoffs.

You were gone about a year. In that time, the stock value of your company has declined about 80%.

The credit rating has been downgraded to junk on $2 billion in debt. Ad revenue is down about 15% and appears to have no bottom.

Currently, based on where the debt is trading, the stock market is expecting McClatchy to declare bankruptcy within 2 years when the cash is gone.

Welcome back !!!

Update that resume !!!

Anonymous said...

Bobcat Johnson did some serious PR damage to himself earlier this year by blaming city movers and shakers for not supporting his team enough.

He's probably moved himself into Shinn territory in terms of public regard. The bad part is that his complaint probably has merit - he just rolled it out poorly.

Uncle Dennis said...

Welcome back Mary! You were missed.


Anonymous said...

The assault on magnet schools has begun in earnest. Despite over 15 years of preparing students for worldwide careers using multiple languages, even Smith has its program in the Gauvreau targets. No matter what your program does, the biting chihuahuas are snapping at anything, proving nothing. Others can describe the School Board, but you already know what a rotary in Mass. looks like. Oh, your editorial folks declared ECU out of the area so news will be minimal. That, of course, doesn't apply to ACC schools. I assume Mary Schulken had no input and the Eastern part of NC has seceded from McCroreyville.
Welcome back to reality......Charlotte Style. I'm glad to have your sensibility back in the editorial pages.

Anonymous said...

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