Thursday, August 14, 2008

CDOT: "Don't Walk Here" Wall Doomed

Here's the word from Danny Pleasant, interim director of the Charlotte Department of Transportation, responding to my post earlier today about this pedestrian obstruction on Brevard Street as you head from Fourth toward Third Street:

Good news, Mary. We have a project to convert Brevard Street between Trade Street and Stonewall Street into a more pedestrian oriented, two-way, two-lane street. It will follow the current work of converting Caldwell Street to two-way operation. We are in the process of selecting a design firm. The process should finish up in October. The project will include sidewalks on both sides of Brevard the length of the project. It will take a couple of years to build. But when it’s done, the brick wall will be gone.

Here's what I had written earlier:

Don't you love this? Walkable Charlotte, eh?

This particular barrier to pedestrians is on Brevard Street, between Fourth and Third streets, a half a block from the Transportation Center -- a spot to which thousands of people walk daily.

Last time I asked about it, several years ago, someone at either CDOT or the city planning office told me they were waiting for that property to develop and when it did, they'd make sure the sidewalk got built. That's been several years. Guess they're still waiting. I'll see what interim CDOT chief Danny Pleasant has to say.

And to be fair, I'll say that CDOT has improved dramatically in its attention to pedestrian comforts, and that uptown Charlotte is, square foot for square foot, the largest pedestrian friendly site in the city. Does anyone know of any others that would compete for that distinction?


Sloan From SouthPark said...

I think SouthPark - depending upon how ones defines its boundaries - competes favorably with uptown Charlotte for walkability.

I walk a daily 4-mile route on sidewalks that take me all around the "center" of that area - the actual mall itself. Counting all the side streets and the fact that blocks there are longer, the area offers just as much opportunity to pedestrians as the uptown area.

In addition, it's possible to meet ducks, geese, chipmunks, squirrels, rabbits and even deer on SouthPark walkways. There is at least one "Deer Crossing" warning sign in SouthPark. It's on the north side of Fairview just past Wintercrest Drive, about a block west of Piedmont Town Center.

How many deer or deer crossings does uptown Charlotte boast, Mary?

Cato said...

Either Queens College or UNCC would be competitive. Most college students get around almost entirely on foot, at least during the week. Of the two, Queens is more visually appealing, but, for the extra tuition, I guess it should be.

As for Uptown, yes, it has sidewalks pretty much throughout, and I still enjoy Tryon Street after years of seeing it almost daily. But some stretches, such as a lot of College Street, don't really offer much except a means to get to somewhere else. The same can be said for MLK, which is the main reason they were able to change the name of the street without causing too much trouble. There were very few addresses on 2d St that had to change ads and stationery.

The Wachovia Securities stock ticker board at the corner of College & MLK could have been a minor landmark, but it's in such a dead zone practically no one sees it.

Anonymous said...


Your arrogant tone proves you are the reason most people in Charlotte prefer Uptown over Southpark.

By the way, we have incredibly gorgeous scantily clad women running all about uptown on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights. Can you say that for Southpark ? Don't even try to compare.

Deer crossings ........ who gives a rats .........