Monday, August 04, 2008

Finding the Naked City, Part 2

I'm taking a vacation day today and possibly tomorrow, so no new Naked City news for now. (Try saying that 5 times, fast.)

To the readers asking how to set up an RSS feed: When I use Firefox as a browser there's an orange box in the window where the URL shows. Click on it and you're asked how you want the feed to work.

Naked City is listed under the "blogs/columnists" link that shows only if you scroll your cursor over the "Opinion" tab at the top. The blogs/columnists link showing when you open the new home page give you only "News" blogs/columns because the "News" tab automatically opens. For Sports, Editorial Page, Entertainment or other columnists you have to click on the appropriate tab.

Meantime, what's the reaction to the Observer's newly designed Web site? It's now instead of The URL will keep working for a while but it will disappear at some point, so be sure to fix your bookmarks.