Friday, June 25, 2010

Charlotte bankers: Armed and dangerous?

I stopped into Johnny Burrito, one of my favorite uptown lunch spots, today and Johnny himself (aka Johnny Bitter) was behind the cash register. He thanked me for a photo I had shot in May that ran in the Observer with an editorial about the visiting NRA convention. The photo showed a sign he had put up offering a free soda or iced tea to anyone showing a gun permit.

They'd had a lot of business after the photo ran, Bitter told me. Because his shop is in the basement of the Building Formerly Known As Two First Union (sorry but I have no clue what its name is anymore, it's the College Street tower behind the Atrium on South Tryon), he'd had a lot of Wells Fargo folks come in, he said. Showing their gun permits.

It was a surprising number, he said. And they were mostly concealed-carry permits. Regular people, he said. Many of them long-time and frequent customers. People with families and everything. Who knew?
Of course, you're not allowed to have a gun in the bank towers. But if it's a concealed carry permit ...
Happily, no gun play broke out at Johnny's and hasn't, to our knowledge, broken out at the bank tower either. Just don't get too snippy with that teller, or your loan officer.


Algernon said...

I normally defend you when folks bash your quirky penning s but that was just a tired article with a used title...and impish implication

consultant said...

My father was a WW II Marine. He was in the Marianas and at a place called Tarawa. He was for gun control.

How safe are we in America with all the guns available? How safe are people who have a gun?

On those infrequent occasions when my father did talk about the war, he described surviving combat as a combination of skill, clarity of mind and luck. He said you have to get use to getting shot at while keeping control of your faculties. Evidently firing a gun (or rifle) while being shot at requires a great deal of practice. Also, not everyone can do it well. Not even all trained soldiers.

How many people who have guns are capable of actually protecting themselves?

Gun control (start with the criminals). It's the right thing to do.

Anonymous said...

"How many people who have guns are capable of actually protecting themselves?" are kidding, right? Are you that naive? Typical 'Sheeple' comment. You have the the God given right to protect yourself. Let's take the cocanine away from the crooks, how did that do?

consultant said...

"How many people who have guns are capable of actually protecting themselves?"

Buck, Buck. You didn't answer the question.

No guns for you.

A suggestion. Go easy on the Tea Bagging.

John said...


Try to break into my house and you'll get all the answer you can handle.

consultant said...
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consultant said...


A source tells me you're frustrated because you finally had to admit to yourself that Spurrier isn't going to get the job done at South Carolina.

Man! That's a bitter pill to swallow. Everything was riding on Spurrier and the team. After that, what's left? Cheatin' Governors? Nikki Haley?

John. You too?

Lonni said...

This is a funny article. With inferences bouncing all over the spiel, one would think the writer is conflicted about gun control. Should we? Shouldn't we? If it's cool at Johnny Burritos it must be alright, eh?

If there was any weight to this article it would be the surprise to know how many ordinary, everyday, working banksters in suits have a concealed carry permit. Does something strange to the premise of rednecks and shotguns doesn't it?

Karl said...

Just another liberal stereotype shot down, I guess.

Mary, the fact that you let "consultant" run amok in your blog, insulting everyone he/she doesn't agree with, speaks volumes about how you apparently must feel about dissenting opinion. As long as you let "consultant" do this sort of thing and don't start deleting his/her insulting posts, your blog has ZERO credibility -- it's just pointless, incessant barking.

consultant said...


Pot--calling kettle--black. I think.

Let's get back to guns, bankers and need for chaos control.

About 36,000 people are killed each year in this country with a gun. We are at war with ourselves all because a bunch of people who have a death complex want to feel like they have some sort of "fake" safety with a gun.

We need gun control.

We've seen over and over again what bankers will do if we don't slap some controls on them. Wreck the world.

So here's the plan Karl. Gun control and controls on bankers. It's a two for one.

Karl, have you had your shots?

consultant said...

Speaking of controls.

Every engineer or scientist not on BP's payroll is scared " " about what's happening in the Gulf.

What are the odds of BP capping this well in August?