Wednesday, June 30, 2010

When cultures collide, you get - chipmunks?

OK, this is just a fun little posting to illustrate how we can all be so embedded in our own cultures and circumstances that we sometimes need to see things from others' eyes. I remember experiencing this years ago, when I traveled to Europe the first time. Among the things that struck me (in addition to great french fries, excellent bread and tasty beer) were small differences in things I had simply never realized might be different: doorknobs (they were handles, not knobs), light switches (the flat kind) and pillows (round bolsters).

So last week we were walking down a street in Athens, near the Central Market, and we pass a pet store. In a cage, next to the usual birds, etc., we see for sale - for 35 Euros each (about $43) – chipmunks. Yes. Photo evidence here:Are you thinking what I'm thinking? Major income stream in the back yard! Just got to work out a few hundred details ...


Anonymous said...

Considering that the average politician contains roughly the same ability to think logically as an average chipmunk, this post is very timely.

consultant said...


You have offended every living Chipmunk out here. Including the one (or two) in my back yard.

Don't get me started on which is smarter: the average South Carolina Republican or a Chipmunk.

John said...


Have you sent your check to "Alvin Greene For Senate" yet?

consultant said...
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consultant said...

Let's see, the Repubs set up Alvin Greene to run as a Democrat and he fools everyone in South Carolina. How many of you still think our country has a bright future?

If the following things happen, we have a bright future:
-BP kills the well on the first try in August
-Sarah Palin and Nikki Haley give up politics and open a bed & breakfast in Kingston, Jamaica
-Haley Barbour shuts his mouth
-South Carolina football team beats Florida, Georgia, Auburn & Alabama in the same year
-Steve Spurrier shuts his mouth (just kidding, Steve's a good coach in a weird state)
-Obama starts acting like the candidate we voted for
-Republicans say we're sorry
-Democrats like Harry Reid retire
-we start rebuilding our passenger rail system in this country
-no comments are deleted from blogs (except from certain people. You know who you are)

Jumper said...

Label the shipping containers "Research Animals" and the Interior Department will take years to figure it out.

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