Friday, July 02, 2010

Behind the fountain? A Scout story

I've been getting interesting comments all week about the "Walk This Way. If You Can" package from last Sunday's editorial page. One of the many interesting ones was an e-mail from Ivan Mothershead (he was a state rep back in the day) giving the history of the drinking fountain I featured in a photo:

"Thanks for the picture of the water fountain at Christ [Episcopal] Church. This fountain was paid for and installed by my son for his Eagle Scout project in August 2000. The church had nothing to do with the fountain, except for giving him permission to install it and paying for the water.

I am sure he'd love to get some credit for it!! Hint Hint! I cannot speak for the Methodist Church fountain [I referred in my article to another fountain at the Myers Park United Methodist Church parking lot at the Queens-Queens-Providence-Providence intersection, aka Q2P2] or how it got there, but Ivan and his friends spend two days digging out the red clay (six feet down) and installing the fountain. The cast iron fountain cost $3,000, he raised more than that to buy it, install it and give the balance to the church. If you are by it, note the marble stone in front. Someone steals the bowl we leave for the dogs.

You know great stories that would entertain your readers would be Eagle Scout projects in the county. There are a lot of neat projects that would amaze your readers. Hope the fountain is working OK!"

I'm glad to know its history, and I stopped on Thursday to admire the polished marble stone with "Charles Ivan Mothershead" engraved, as well as a Bible verse. And I'll say that for years I've admired – and sat upon – a bench installed in our neighborhood several decades ago by another Eagle Scout. The Scout projects have added some great amenities to the city.

One other note: More and more of those drinking fountains are being installed. It's a slow but steady increase. I regularly use one on Wendover, between Forest Drive and Forest Drive (don't ask!). I know of one or two on Queens Road/Queens Road West. I'm pretty there are others. It's a wonderful, generous and gracious city comfort for pedestrians and bicyclists in this often hot city. My thanks to those who've generously installed them.


Jessica said...

Reminds me of the Benson Bubblers in Portland.

GreenInNC said...

Mary - Socialistic water fountains! This about what I expect from this liberal rag. Who ever heard of giving away water? They need to charge people for the water to pay for those socialistic sidewalks. You know this will lead to the complete socialistic takeover of our country.