Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Helicopter guy rebuffed on rezoning

Quick update on the council action, regarding the proposed solar-energy building on Park Road, whose developer would be the fellow in the much-loved "rogue helicopter" video.

The council members set a new land speed record in turning it down 12-0. Because there was a protest petition in force by adjoining property owners, even the mayor got to help vote it down.

See the post below, or click here, for more information and the video.


Anonymous said...

I'm more interested in what happened with the "magazine condos" for Tryon Street. Did the city council do the fascist thing and approve them?

Mary Newsom said...
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Mary Newsom said...

Oops, typo on that first attempt. I'm told the City Council approved the news racks ordinance with no debate and only one member, Warren Cooksey, voting against it.

Anonymous said...

Of course they did.

Anonymous said...

My advice to David Thompson is SUE!!!!

While the public forum aspect of city council meetings allows one and all to make fools of themselves, the law of the land doesn't necessarily condone heartless persecution of said persons. David, go after city council for continuing to play that video years after the fact, McClatchy for letting its employees fuel the flames, and the obnoxious YouTube for thinking that Internet anonymity allows them to practice unabashed systematic mistreatment of a human being.

I’ve watched Charlotte City Council meetings on the government channel for years. David’s diatribe may seem weird, but it makes more sense than 90% of the crap that other ordinary citizens bring up at those forums.

Jumper said...

Without attempting to comment on this particular project, it's important to understand that extremely "green" buildings may look unfamiliar or even "ugly" to some. That should not be an excuse to drag heels in building more sustainable structures.