Monday, February 09, 2009

London or N.C, what's the diff?

London's ex-Mayor Ken Livinstone, nearing the end of his address, talking a little about how people in Europe were watching the November elections last fall:

Most people there, he said, had never heard of North Carolina until it got publicity for: A) Its very close Obama-McCain race, and B) the Senate race, with the Elizabeth Dole ad using hinted-at atheism to attack Kay Hagan.

"I came out as an atheist at the age of 12. It's never done me any harm politically," Livingstone said. "In London, no one cares. If you get the buses running on time, they don't care what you're doing in bed." (Wikipedia tells us he's had several affairs – with women – and is a noted bon vivant. Also, it deadpans: "He is known for his enthusiasm for keeping and breeding newts.[11]" Presumably not of the Gingrich variety.)

Back to policy – A country can't borrow its way to prosperity, he said. You make money by making things and selling them, and shouldn't ever lose sight of that.


Anonymous said...

Interesting points on the out going mayor, but he should also be remembered for going over board on his traffic congestion charges to the point it was impacting downtown businesses. Like a lot of politicians who are afraid of talking about direct taxation, they constantly look for alternative means of revenue generation. These means usually involve complicated schemes and an unbalanced application to the public, and in the case of traffic enforcement schemes a false promise of improved safety.

Anonymous said...

So why should we even be taking advice from someone like this idiot who has never heard of Charlotte? I've never even heard of him and I'm sure most of us here in the USA could care less. Send him back to UK and bring politicians that matter to us.

2whls3spds said...

Only thing we appear to have for sale in this country is you wish to purchase a few? The manufacturing base in the USA has been systematically dismantled and destroyed in the name of greed and the never ending search for lower prices. Now it is time to pay for it.

"There is scarcely anything in the world that some man cannot make a little worse, and sell a little more cheaply. The person who buys on price alone is this man's lawful prey." John Ruskin_1819-1900


Anonymous said...

Because he's been the mayor of a world capital and his advice-"make money by making things and selling them"-is sound.

Don't be such a rube. And btw, it's couldn't, not could, care less.

Anonymous said...

Of course he's for getting people socially engineered out of their cars...he's a socialist.
Now, he's been appointed as an adviser of urban planning to Hugo Chavez.

Mind the gap...

Anonymous said...

if we're to take Livingstone's advice on public transportation, we should note ( or Mary should note ) the success of the busses were due to frequency and reliability.
So, scrap the next rail line and increase the bus service in Charlotte.

And why do we need street cars over buses? Is a street car more cool?

Anonymous said...

Yes, a street car is perceived as being cooler than a bus. Any rail is perceived as being cooler than a bus. People tend to be more willing to ride rail than buses.