Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Worried about nature-deprived kids?

Plenty of folks worry that today's children don't get to spend much time outdoors, and that such an existence harms their health, including physically, emotionally, socially and intellectually.

A group called N.C. CAN! (North Carolina Children and Nature) is holding its second annual gathering tomorrow, Feb. 18, at the N.C. Zoo.

The group is one of many inspired by Richard Louv's writings, "Leave No Child Inside," and his book "Last Child in the Woods," about what he dubs "nature-deficit disorder."

For more information about the gathering or N.C. CAN!, contact Kathy Bull at kbull@nczoo.com or 336-879-7286.


Anonymous said...

Yes, but consider how much our children are expanding their minds indoors with those Wii consoles or the X-box games.

Since America can no longer compete globally in the manufacturing arena, we need to encourage our kids to prepare for a future role as mercenaries, the only occupation for which the rest of the world may be willing to pay us a liveable wage. Maybe some of our offspring will be able to get jobs in plants that manufacture explosives, armaments or vehicles.

Meanwhile, they can get their outdoor exercise playing paintball.

Anonymous said...

From the front page of today's Observer:

"Obama okays a larger U.S. presence in Afghanistan".

Yep, another 17,500 overseas jobs have just been created. Now to get the Afghans and others to pay their wages.