Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The art in transit

If you've ridden the Blue Line you've probably noticed some of the art at the transit stations. Most noticeable, of course, is Thomas Sayre's red-clay disks, "Furrow," in the South Boulevard median at the Scaleybark station.

From today through March 27, an exhibition at the Carillon building uptown, 227 W. Trade St., “From Studio to Site - Public Art in Charlotte-Mecklenburg” looks at 12 public art projects around the city.

Among the works displayed in the photographic exhibit will be Dennis Oppenheim's "Reconstructed Dwelling" (above, right) from the Tyvola station, and "Heritage 4 Charlotte," (above, left) from Myklebust + Sears, four columns recently installed at the airport.

The Carillon is home to one of my favorite Charlotte works, Jean Tinguely's "Cascade." Be sure to notice it if you visit the other exhibition.


Anonymous said...

The art in transit is the art of the SCAM.


Thomas Sayre is a total swindler who manufactures the same piece over and over again, then sells it to gullible dopes in government with different lies about "the deep significance of its representation of (fill in the blank with the city he's scamming)."

Anonymous said...

Art is important, but let's focus on getting the lines in before adding the secondary stuff.

rebecca said...

that top one looks like a composter/shredder a la Fargo.

Rick said...

Ray LaHood was confirmed.

Is there such a thing as Art in Roads?

I must say, Obama hasn't made all horrible picks.