Tuesday, January 06, 2009

No crime 'czar' but guess what!

There was so much hoopla over the so-called "crime czar" that the county was going to hire, that many top county honchos decided the term "czar" was part of the problem.  So it was a bit of a surprise when County Manager Harry Jones – in introducing top aide Michelle Lancaster, who's apparently going to be the supervisor for a yet-to-be-hired and less-well-paid "senior manager for state justice services" – called her "new crime czaress Michelle Lancaster."

Here's the article from today's paper explaining what was about to happen. If April Bethea (who's sitting next to me here in the front row) posts a new story I'll add a newer link.

Oh, and commissioner Harold Cogdell is against recidivism. Well that's a relief!


Cato said...

The title isn't the problem. If Lancaster's role would actually result in more habitual criminals spending more time behind bars, she could call herself the Fabulous Moola, and wear a title belt around her waist and I wouldn't care. But it won't.

Do-nothing solution to a real problem. Classic Charlotte.