Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Live, it's Tuesday night!

County commissioners' meeting is only 50 minutes late starting. When they filed in, Bill James was mobbed by a TV camera and 2 or 3 other press types. So I wandered over, and asked if he had used his recorder-disguised-as-pen that he got at a "spy store" to tape the closed session, which he's been threatening to do. He swears he didn't. (A bad cellphone photo is above.) Let me just say Mont Blanc it isn't.

James says the board (at its 5 p.m. pre-meeting meeting) voted to support recording in concept but to get more details from the staff. The Observer's April Bethea's article indicates a bit less certainty.

Now we're hearing Andy Zoutewelle, who chairs the Environmental Policy Coordinating Council, tell them what the council's focus areas of interest will be for 2009-10. Commissioner Neil Cooksey is fanning himself. Most of the others are looking down, possibly reading the report.


Anonymous said...

Mary, the report made an excellent fan. However, if the County really wants to help the environment, they would figure out how to use less paper. Commissioner Neil Cooksey